Market Launch & Project Management

Market Launch: You would like to position your products successfully in the cosmetics market? We will find the right manufacturer for you and your ideas, prepare the product briefing and the framework contracts and we coordinate all necessary steps – starting with the development of formulation and product samples, advice on suitable packaging and possible certifications, coordination of stability and compatibility testing up to the market launch of your product. This will save you time and money and allows you to focus on your core competence for your brand.


Conceptual design of your products: You are looking for sales-promoting arguments and unique selling points for your products or would you like to elaborate them even more? We support you in designing your products and show you all possibilities – new USPs that could take your products and your brand to the next level. 

Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs

Responsible Person: What is a Responsible Person? What legal responsibilities does this entail? 

We are happy to advise you.


Marketability Tests: From a regulatory perspective, are your products in their current composition marketable? We test labelling, claims and documentation of your products.  


Product Information File (PIF): What does this look like and what has to be included? 

PIF, Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR): Before taking your cosmetic products to market – regardless of whether they are made by yourself or contract manufacturers or are imported goods – you are required to provide a Product Information File (PIF) containing the Cosmetic Product Safety Report  (CPSR) with safety assessment. We can draw this up for you according to EU-KVO No. 1223/2009, or we are happy to check existing PIFs for compliance. 


CPNP: Has the product been notified in the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP)? We can take care of this for you, whether homemade product or imported goods with your own label, via the EU online portal CPNP, efficiently and stress-free. 

Claims & Product Presentation

Claims: For efficiency as well as advertising, do your products have convincing and regulatory compliant claims? We create comprehensive and scientifically proven product dossiers and claim catalogues for your formula with essential content and information, which you can utilise to create product specific documents. 


Proof-of-concept: Can you provide evidence for your product’s claims and advertising? We produce this for you in accordance with legal guidelines (Claim-VO No. 655/2013).

Cooperate Network & Communication

The right partners for your vision and projects:

Who produces, packages or creates your cosmetic products? We can communicate with your partners. 

We find contract manufacturers according to your specifications, suitable packaging for your product and appealing labelling.

Simply ask us your questions or arrange a face-to-face consultation. We provide informed and comprehensive support. Please contact us. We arrange a no-obligation consultation.